Choose your side with new preview for Marvel Comics' Civil War II

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Apr 15, 2016, 4:05 PM EDT

You can’t stop the powers of corporate synergy, and Marvel is keen to bring a whole new Civil War to the comic realm — though it’ll be a good bit different than the one on the big screen next month.

The first issue of Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez’s Civil War II drops on June 1, and the publisher has revealed some new preview pages from the epic superhero clash. The story focuses on a young Inhuman with the ability to see the future, which sends shockwaves through the superhuman community. It also launches an age-old philosophical dispute: If you have a way to see the future, should you take action to change it? It seems Iron Man and Captain Marvel have very different opinions on the matter, which will cut a divide straight through the Marvel universe.

To help build some buzz for the event, Marvel is also releasing a prologue issue on Free Comic Book Day (May 7, the day after Captain America: Civil War hits theaters), as well as a zero issue to help set the stage for the conflict. Though this event is obviously meant to tie into the massive buzz for the film, this really does seem like an interesting conflict to divide our heroes — and with Bendis at the helm — could actually make for a thought-provoking event.

Check out the variant covers and preview pages below, then let us know what you think: