Chosen One of the Day: Casey Kelp

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Dec 8, 2016

Chosen One of the Day is Casey Kelp from Snorks!

You might be asking yourself wtf a Snork is right about now. Well, they're basically the underwater cousins of Smurfs, only not really. Snorks was another Hanna-Barbera gem from the '80s which, for some unknown reason, didn't quite take off the way The Smurfs did. The Snorks lived under the sea in Snorkland, but thought they were in outer space. No one said they were the brightest tools in the shed. Then again, we could all be living in a fish tank in some gigantic alien's living room for all we know, but that's a conversation for another time. 

Unlike Smurfette, Casey wasn't merely some token female Snork. She was a plucky little one who was always the first in line to jump to anyone's defense. But the best part about Casey was she was a surprisingly well-rounded female character, and this was way back in the '80s. She was smart, brave,  and didn't take any sh*t while also going through the same kinds of growing pains as most tweens and teens, including feeling insecure about her looks and the trials and tribulations of young romance. 

Casey is exactly the type of hero everyone needs, but especially little girls. Sure, she thinks she lives in space and, considering her interest in astronomy, one would be right to wonder how she isn't swimming around the ocean floor telling everyone in Snorkland how wrong and stupid they are, but we can't all be perfect all the time. And that's exactly the point. Casey isn't out there being all high and mighty, she's just trying to be the best Snork she knows how to be. How or why Snorks haven't been brought back in some amazing animated feature film is beyond me. DC owns the rights to Hanna Barbera, so give me a call. I have a whole Casey Kelp storyline for you.

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