Chosen One of The Day: the cast of 'Legends of the Superheroes'

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May 2, 2017, 11:49 AM EDT (Updated)

 Hanna Barbera's Super Friends was a pivotal cartoon for many superhero fans, especially kids from the '70s and '80s. The cartoon was incredibly popular, resulting in merchandising and spin-offs galore, like Batman and The New Teen Titans. But there was one live action spin-off that stands apart from every other live-action incarnation of any superhero franchise ever, and not even the entire MCU will ever hold a candle to: Legends of the Superheroes.

Legends of the Superheroes was two live-action specials that served as both a mini-reunion for '60s Batman stars Adam West and Burt Ward and was loosely based off of Super Friends. And when I say "based off of," I really mean it was more like a bunch of actors dressed in Super Friends cosplay who didn't get picked to be on the dais for Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast, probably because most of them were not even remotely celebrities. However, after being in Legends of the Superheroes, the entire cast should have been given E.G.O.T.s and multiple stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, because this is the most spectacular production to come out of tinsel town since that amateur home-movie Gone With the Wind.

You may be wondering what the premise of these two Legends of the Superheroes specials were, to which my answer is "It doesn't even matter" because truly, it doesn't. All I know for sure is that Ed "a check is a check" MacMahon hosted an actual Super Hero Roast in a tux, the irony of which I am positive was not lost on Ed, the cast, the crew, and the entire tuxedo industry.

Ed also got slapped on national TV by a man dressed as Solomon Grundy, and I'm pretty sure this was both a career high and low for him all wrapped in one. 

In addition to Grundy laying the smack down, LOTS also gave us a fabulous beefcake Hawkman, and a sultry Huntress that is giving more face than Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar combined ( *forgive me, I meant no disrespect to these LEGENDS and was merely being hyperbolic). 

And who can forget Flash as The Gimp? I can tell you right now I never will, because my eyes cannot unsee this, nor do they want to.

I know DC hasn't had the best news of late on the cinematic side of things, but maybe the powers that be need to have these cast photos on their office walls, because these images don't just cheer me up, they give me LIFE. Who knows, maybe if they saw these every day and were reminded of the sheer greatness that DC and WB are capable of, it would jolt some inspiration into their current cinematic verse and kick all the Marvel ass.

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