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May 5, 2017, 12:11 PM EDT (Updated)

DC just announced a cross-over series that made the 80s kid in me beam with joy. However, noticeably absent from the list of Hanna Barbera all-stars were Zan and Jayna, aka The Wonder Twins, and that’s all sorts of unacceptable mostly because if there’s no twins, then there’s no Gleek.

One of the better things humanity has done was bring us Hanna Barbera, who bestowed Zan, Jayna, and their pet monkey Gleek upon us for the first time in an episode of Superfriends. The twins powers only worked when they touched rings and said their catchphrase “Wonder Twin Powers, activate!",  and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still use that phrase decades later. And while I think Zan and Jayna are criminally under-utilized by DC (as well as pretty much every other Hanna Barbera property), I’m even more saddened that Gleek’s greatness has been completely disregarded since the 80s. Sure, a super white version of the twins had a picture of Gleek on their phones in Smallville, but that minor homage was almost as insulting as that mess of a hairstyle Jayna was trying to rock. Girl, no.

80s cartoons had no shortage of furry sidekicks ( see Snarf from Thundercats, Brain from Inspector Gadget, Orko from He-Man, Uni from Dungeon’s and Dragons), but Gleek has them all beat. First off, he is practically bi-lingual since he understands fluent English and speaks whatever alien language he speaks. Second, he knows sign-language. Gleek was known for two things: comic relief and carrying around a bucket to pick up Zan's ass whenever he transformed into water. If that is not the ultiamte wingman, I don't know what is. And, last but not least, his tale is hella strong and can pick up a human male.

Your move, Snarf.

Instead of Gleek getting the kind of top billing he deserves, he’s been reduced to an afterthought like Michael Jackson’s pet monkey Bubbles, and I’m sure both of them have seen and been through enough and deserve a little more respect.

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