Chosen One of the Day: Nicole Haught's bulletproof vest

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Jun 12, 2017

There's a lot to love about Wynonna Earp.

A lot.

The show is kickass and full of amazing women.

It has demons and magic guns and some of the best one-liners you have ever seen.

Seriously, I could quote this show all day.

Every day.

It also makes some pretty amazing wardrobe choices, like Wynonna's fringe jacket.

Doc Holliday's mustache.

Everything about this guy, whose name, brilliantly, is Bobo Del Ray.

But the greatest fashion choice it ever made was in the Season 1 finale. No, I’m not talking about the stunning array of evening gowns and bolo ties. I’m talking about the gorgeous bulletproof vest that one Officer Nicole Haught decided to wear beneath her uniform.

See, Nicole is a TV lesbian, and they get shot … like really frequently. So when the oldest Earp (and newly revealed bad guy) pulled a gun on her, you can bet the fans got nervous. And then she didn't die. She didn’t even bleed. Was she evil? NO. She was just the only smart one in the room.

Now, while this moment has been celebrated again and again by audience members for being a brilliant and hilarious send-up of everyone's favorite Bury Your Gays trope, I want to point out one more reason why this bulletproof vest is a thing of genius.


Seriously. Think about it. How many apocalypses -- or apocalypse-like events -- have occurred in the history of science fiction and fantasy? Hundreds? Thousands? And how many of the deaths could have been avoided by simply wearing the appropriate protective gear? People do not dress appropriately for their dire circumstances.

This vest should go in a museum some day. They should be standard issue in all apocalypse ready bags. If you ask me, Nicole Haught should be teaching classes in how NOT to die.

Picture it: Nicole Haught's Apocalypse Survival Class. Lesson one: Wear your vest, you fool.

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