The Chosen One of The Day: R.A.L.F.

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Dec 1, 2016

R.A.L.F. from Flight of The Navigator

R.A.L.F., full name Robotic Assistant Labor Facilitator, may have only had minutes of screentime in the 1986 Disney classic Flight of The Navigator, but that’s only because it took him seconds to prove he was the obvious MVP of the movie.

We first meet R.A.L.F. when he rolls on into David’s room unannounced, armed with every type of Coca Cola ever made and SJP as his assistant. Sure, she may think he’s the assistant, be she’s really nothing more than a shade-throwing sidekick to his silent robotic hero. Little did SJP realize that R.A.L.F.’s occassional mess-ups were really his clever cover to how sly he really was, much as Clark Kent’s clumsiness masked Superman’s powers. Thanks to R.A.L.F., David escapes his super-creepy “hotel” room at NASA and is reunited with Max (Trimaxion Drone Ship) and finally gets returned back to 1978, where he belongs, instead of facing a potential lifetime of institutionalization. Although, come to think of it, David lived in Florida and really should have just asked Max to take him to Phaelon forever, because the only thing he has to look forward to in Florida is bath salts and alligators. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure could use a robotic soft drink cart to climb into and bring me to an alien spaceship that will take me back to another year, because 2016 has pretty much been the worst. I’ll even go back to 1978. Then again, even having a little robot bring me my mail and a soda would make life slightly better, especially if I can curl up in a fetal position and hide in one for the next four years.

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