Chosen One of the Day: The Sexy Sax Man from The Lost Boys

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May 2, 2017, 3:37 PM EDT (Updated)

When you think of the '80s, plenty of things come to mind: Day-Glo,shoulder pads, the TV show Manimal, but few things are definitive '80s like the saxophone. More specifically: The Sexy Sax Man from 1987’s The Lost Boys.

You know the scene I'm talking about. EVERYONE knows the scene I'm talking about. Even if you've never seen the scene I'm talking about, you still know it. Maybe it's because of SNL or Eastbound and Down:

Legends recognize other legends, and that's why some hero writers knew that The Sexy Sax Man needed to be shouted out. And like all legends, The Sexy Sax Man is much more than what meets the eye. He's not merely some oiled-up, spandex-wearing musclehead grinding out inspirational rock tunes on the boardwalk. He's a god. He's immortal, just like the vampires in Santa Carla who claim the sleepy beach town as their own. His sexy sax-infused, electric rock tunes amp up the townies, who clearly love him, and the vampires themselves. I mean, look at Jami Gertz.

Girlfriend is going through it, and "it" is the spell of The Sexy Sax Man. But can you blame her? He's mesmerizing. And it's not just his oily muscles or even oilier hair, or that he shakes his hips so hard even Shakira can't compete. It's because The Sexy Sax Man has a positive message. And that message is that through the heartache, through the tears, through the waiting, through the years … For people like us, in places like this, we need all the hope that we can get.

That's deep and moving and probably why Jami Gertz looks like she's seen and felt the light. The Sexy Sax Man is that light, and we should all aim to feel as good as Jami Gertz feels when he plays his horn.

I'll never know how or why The Sexy Sax Man came to be. I mean, it was the '80s, and saxophones were inexplicably everywhere. But why this specific one needed to be in a vampire movie is beyond me. I can't remember a single time in my entire life a rock band led by a lead singer/ saxophonist ever played a concert on a beach and had a pit of hardcore fans screaming their faces off, but I'm from the East Coast. Maybe things are different in California?

What I do know is that whoever envisioned this character is almost as heroic as The Sexy Sax Man himself. We should all take a moment to appreciate that high art like this existed in the world, even if it were for just a brief, oiled-up moment in time.

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