Chosen One of the Day: Agnes from The Running Man

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Sep 11, 2018, 11:55 AM EDT (Updated)

Game shows make for some great television. You get to cheer on or root against everyday people like yourself. Sometimes whispering or yelling the answer to a question worth a trip to Paris. Game shows bring out our competitive nature. And in the film The Running Man, a woman by the name of Agnes shows her competitive spirit without shame.

While participating in the in-film game show "The Running Man," host Damon Killian (Richard Dawson) asks Agnes who she thought would get the next kill in the game. Agnes defiantly picks Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger), who is a runner and not one of the heavily favored stalkers. Of course, Killian challenges Agnes by asking her if she's sure. Dressed in her finest pearls from the future Ross Dress for Less, Agnes repeats herself and reminds everyone that Ben is “one mean motherf*cker.”


Game recognizes game. Agnes knows what a winner looks like and how to call things as she sees them — nearsighted or farsighted.

Ms. Agnes is probably one of those older women who will give someone an elbow to the face while claiming BINGO. She probably runs over her fair share of feet while trying to get to the last of the Metamucil. Agnes brings expired coupons with her knowing the cashier will take them because they don’t any smoke. Everyone loves Agnes’s green bean casserole and raisin dip. It’s not because it’s good, but they just know the woman is “one mean motherf*cker” herself.

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