Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Amanda Waller
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Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Amanda Waller

Chosen One of the Day: Amanda Waller's signature cigar glass

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Dec 17, 2018

There are a number of iconic moments that come to mind when Amanda Waller’s name is mentioned. You might envision her with a smoking gun.


You may picture the classic cover with her looking as though she was reading Batman to filth.


You honestly can’t go wrong with either. But there's another perfect Amanda Waller moment: the cigar glass she holds in the Checkmate series after stopping an attempted assassination on her life.

Amanda sips from the cigar glass while deciding if the would-be assassin is of any use to her. It’s a really nice touch to such a badass moment, plus the cigar glass probably already knew the outcome the moment Amanda filled it with a top shelf bourbon. There is no way that was its first time being held by her after an ordinary Tuesday night assassination attempt. This cigar glass is getting daily use, especially by someone in charge of covert operation like Task Force X.


Sure, Amanda could have had a glass of wine, but something about a cigar glass with two fingers of the strongest brown liquor available and two ice cubes just says, “Don’t come for me unless I send for you.” Plus everyone knows bourbon pairs well with a assassin bleeding out in your bedroom.

Perhaps the inmates of Belle Reve could get on Amanda’s good side, if it even exists, by getting her an engraved cigar glass that says The Wall You Won’t Try.


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