Chosen One of the Day: Amber Rose as your new favorite superhero

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Oct 4, 2017

Amber Rose is not someone typically discussed here in these SYFY parts. But she probably should be. After all, she is every bit the kind of woman we celebrate around here--strong, fierce and, at her third Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival in LA at least, a literal superhero.

That hero? Captain Save a Hoe.


Clad in a (surprisingly conservative) costume and a cape we can definitely get behind, Rose was on hand to save women from sexual assaulters and slut-shamers alike. Any guesses what her secret lair looks like?

SlutWalk events first started after a 2011 incident in Toronto when a police officer informed women that, if they didn't want to be sexually assaulted, they should stop dressing like sluts. The walk has since spread to over 200 countries. Rose's SlutWalk festival features educational booths and HIV testing and is committed to combating sexual violence, victim blaming and gender inequality. 

Captain Save a Hoe and Amber Rose: the hero we both need and deserve. And if you don't agree, tell it to this little junior hero.

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