Chosen One of the Day: Amber Sweet from Repo! The Genetic Opera

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Aug 22, 2018

This year, the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera turns a whole decade old, and naturally, those of us who were very into that fandom back in the day are getting a tad nostalgic for the gory, gritty, way-over-the-top yet wonderfully cheesy world it created.

Wait, hang on. Do you even know about Repo? If not, that is a damn shame, because this weird little musical indie film was all about a creepy dystopia in which the latest fad was designer organs and the company that made them, GeneCo, put everyone into massive debt as they attempted to procure them. Then, when you couldn’t pay for said organs, they sent out a Repo Man to take them back as gruesomely as possible, which brought up all sorts of questions about whether there was, like, a refurbished organ market.

Are you thinking this sounds an awful lot like Repo Men, that very similar movie that came out two years later starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker? It does, but Repo! The Genetic Opera is so much better because did I mention it is a musical? And that it stars Ripper Giles himself, Anthony Stewart Head? And Sarah Brightman? And Alexa Vega in a decided departure from Spy Kids? And an inexplicable dead body in a wall?

Oh, and Paris Hilton.

Yes, the one and only Paris Hilton makes a supporting turn in this film in which everyone sings every line of dialogue. She plays Amber Sweet, who is, well if we’re being honest here, she is pretty much just a dystopian version of Paris Hilton’s public persona. She’s an heiress and an aspiring pop star and she’s addicted to surgery so much that in the climactic scene her newly applied face literally falls off on stage. At one point she gets high and basically has sex with a door in some creepy back alley.

You know that door was less than hygenic.

And you thought the 1% had no problems.

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