Chosen One of The Day: Aunt May's bat in Into the Spider-Verse

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Jan 1, 2019

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was one of the most enjoyable films of 2018. It gave us the very lovable Miles Morales, a broke and busted Peter Parker as his bootleg Yoda, multiple spider-people/robots, a Hulk-size Wilson Fisk, and an Aunt May who knows Doctor Octopus on a first-name basis. A film full of memorable characters, but one of the best supporting inanimate objects of 2018? Aunt May’s bat.


This is no ordinary Louisville Slugger Aunt May is packing. This is a bat made to deal with everyone and everything that has the misfortune of showing up to the Parker household. A bat that does a great job of complementing the take-no-s%$t Aunt May of the Into the Spider-Verse world. “With great power comes a great hitting average” should be engraved on it. Aunt May and her bat work together like seasoned partners when we are first introduced to the duo in the film.

She grabs it when mistaking Miles and company for overzealous grieving Spider-Man fans. Thankfully for them, the bat doesn’t get a true workout until Wilson Fisk sends his goons into the Parker residence to do his bidding. This is no "show and tell" bat; May uses it to knock one of Fisk’s goons out of her front door, hitting nothing but midsection with a sweet satisfying "WHACK."


If they ever decide to give Aunt May an action figure, she has to come with this bat, and its code name could be The Enforcer. Into the Spider-Verse Aunt May is clearly about that life and her trusty bat works to send back whatever problems decide to show up at her front door.

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