Chosen One of the Day: Barbarella's boob motif

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Feb 2, 2018, 9:58 AM EST

After extolling the virtues of the DEATH BED and that sexist mermaid movie from the ‘40s, I’m shifting gears a bit to talk about boobs.

Specifically, ‘60s camp classic Barbarella.

Even more specifically, the tit ship in ‘60s camp classic Barbarella.

What’s a tit ship?

This is a tit ship:


Yes, all you gorgeous fellow travelers: In Barbarella (Bar-bar-barella!), sexpot explorer Jane Fonda has a ship that looks like boobs, nestled together and winging their way through the outer reaches of space so Barbarella can confront the evil scientist Durand-Durand. The interior is floor-to-ceiling shag carpeting. Yeah, baby.

Really, though, everything in Barbarella looks like boobs. “But wait, Rebecca: Boobs have a pretty generic shape. You can say just about every building with a vaguely dome shape looks like a boob. The US Capitol building looks like a boob. The Taj Mahal looks like a boob. The bio-dome from Bio-Dome looks like a boob. Aren’t you being a little bit of a horny teenage boy about this?”





Even the poster is boobs:


The sheer blatantness of Barbarella's boob obsession is half charming/half sordid, with a healthy dollop of '60s retro sexism thrown into the mix. That's just about the description of Barbarella itself. Barbarella: She has a lot of sex! But we never see it.  She's really, really hot! But she's still wide-eyed and pure when it comes to the act of lovemaking, which she's never actually participated in before, as in the 41st century sex is viewed as something outré. There's an orgasm machine! But ... wait, no, there's not really a chaste angle to that. Barbarella is literally put into an orgasm machine, which she breaks, because "It couldn't keep up with you!"

There's a character named "Dildano."

Really, the tit ship is the least of it.

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