Chosen One of the Day: Bearded Han Solo from Star Wars Battlefront II

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May 1, 2018, 10:01 AM EDT (Updated)

This isn't the first time I've written about the gloriousness that is bearded Han Solo. At the culmination of 2017, when it came time for Team FANGRRLS to write about our favorite beards of the year, my response was telling, yes. But it was also correct. Let me explain.

... no, there is no time. Let me sum up after some expert sleuthing on Wookieepedia.

By the time we encounter Beardy Han in Battlefront II, two things are true. One, he's married to Leia, having exchanged vows with her on Endor (and, presumably, surrounded by Ewoks). Two, Ben Solo is naught but a twinkle in his pop's eye at this stage—so as much as I would like this to be a Dad Beard and an indicator of impending fatherhood, it is sadly not. 

If anything, what this beard indicates is that our resident smuggler has started to settle into the comfort of married life even in the midst of an ongoing rebellion. Han has always been a secret Soft Boy (meaning he cares about things, like a LOT), so it makes sense that he would have a Soft Boy Beard. That or Chewie finally tossed out all of his space razors without telling him.

(Leia probably hates it, though.)

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