Chosen One of the Day: Bellamy Blake's facial hair on The 100

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Dec 4, 2018, 10:30 AM EST

The CW’s The 100 is on hiatus right now, which means all talk of the show’s fifth season, an admittedly divisive one, has been buried under Netflix holiday movies and Ariana Grande’s new music video and our president teargassing children.


But if there is one thing I cannot accept in this life it is the universal neglect of a pivotal part of The 100: Bellamy Blake’s mustache.


Now, Bob Morley’s amount of facial hair may seem inconsequential to some. These are people who view all chin curtains the same. These are people unaware of the time, effort, and proper hygiene a quality face mullet demands. These are people who don’t know Bellamy Blake.

When The 100 began, Bellamy was the resident bad boy sans 'stache. He had all the machismo needed to walk around his dystopian camp of teenage delinquents shirtless, brandishing guns, macking on underage girls, and uttering rally cries like “Whatever the hell we want,” but he didn’t have the facefro to back it up.

Which begged the age-old question: If a man tries to lead a group of criminals to mass genocide in the woods without a beard, has he really led them to mass genocide at all?

Bellamy developed over the course of a few more seasons, becoming a softer, more empathetic character. He still slipped up — R.I.P. that army of grounders he helped massacre and the mountain men — but he seemed like he was on the right path.

Still, there was no facial hair.

For a man who’s survived the end of the world (twice), who’s escaped from space then gone back up to space, then escaped from space again and is now back in space, you’d think a bit of stubble might’ve found its way through. Alas, Bellamy was all shaggy hair and defined eyebrows, but he had cheekbones as bare and smooth as a baby’s naked bottom.

Until Season 5.

Season 5 saw the rise of a new Bellamy Blake, one who negotiated the release of his hostage girlfriend with just a mug, a Bellamy Blake who let parasitic worms feast on his enemies, a Bellamy Blake with scruff.

Bellamy Blake the boy was no more. We were dealing with Bellamy Blake, Captain Space Daddy, and that tantalizing combination of lip foliage and chin fur proved it.

This Bellamy was harder, chiseled from pain and tragedy. He’d spent years eating algae in space, and he had the fanny duster to prove it. In fact, more than a questionable new romance, an earned leadership position, and a battle with his sister for control of the last survivable place on Earth, this mug rug proved Bellamy Blake had changed. He’d evolved.

Whether you were a fan of the whiskers or not, it’s time we acknowledge Bob Morley’s hard work — not just in delivering a stellar performance in Season 5 — but in growing one of the most-talked-about chin pelts in TV history. And he did it during a damn apocalypse.

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