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Chosen One of the Day: Boogie Man from the Powerpuff Girls

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Feb 4, 2019

The Powerpuff Girls have plenty of memorable recurring villains. Some of them included Fuzzy Lumpkins who could have easily been part of the Blue Comedy Tour, the iconic and extremely stylish HIM, and the forever dog-walked Mojo Jojo. When the Powerpuff girls weren’t saving Townsville from these and the other recurring villains, they had their hands full with plenty of one-timers like the illustrious Boogie Man.

Boogie was cooler than cool with a henchman named Jerome. He stepped right out of Blaxploitation shadows to turn Townsville into always free nightclub by blocking the sun with a Death Star size disco-ball that he had housed in a skating rink.


Cartoon Network

Powerpuff Girls

Boogie’s plans were as smooth as the hair on a baby seal. Boogie made sure his creature-of-the-darkness brothers and sisters got a night out on the town. Honestly, a nightlife anti-hero.

Boogie’s look was right on brand too. We only see him in two different outfits: one is an all black leotard right out of John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever wardrobe and the other is a white suit lined with Crown Royal bags.


Cartoon Network

Powerpuff Girls 

Boogie even drove a Cadillac limo that turned into a spaceship. He moved in the Townsville streets like a true OG before the Powerpuff Girls made the last call on his clubbing plans sending him flying right into the sun.

Pour one out and blame it on the Boogie, man.


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