Chosen One of the Day: Booster from Jingle All the Way

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Dec 12, 2018

Several felonies were committed trying to obtain a Turbo-Man action figure in the film Jingle All the Way. An entire warehouse full of Turbo-Man-bootlegging Santa Clauses were raided by the police, and everyone risked spending years in an upstate prison when Booster was right there. Unfortunately, no one had an ounce of love to show Turbo-Man’s sidekick.

Booster is a talking 7-foot hot pink sabertooth tiger in a gold speedo. He clearly has a more interesting story to tell than Turbo-Man. Who is he and how did he end up the sidekick to such a low-rent Iron Man? Booster looks like the pink mink Cam’Ron once wore. That’s way better than Turbo-Man’s standard red and gold metal suit.  Booster can even fly. The gold speedo he wears probably makes him more aerodynamic.


Booster definitely deserved some love and a little time on Santa’s lap. Instead, he got kicked off a holiday float and then jumped by a bunch of 10-year-olds.


It’s hard enough being the sidekick to a major superhero. You hold your own in chaotic situations but receive none of the love or credit as the marquee name. You have toys made in your image and placed right next to your partner, only for them to get passed over like they hold absolutely no value. For the people who didn’t buy Booster, it’s their loss. Because there is plenty to like about this Pink Panther on steroids.

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