Chosen One of the Day: Brigitte Nielsen as She-Hulk

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Jul 18, 2017, 1:44 PM EDT (Updated)

Mark Ruffalo Hulk-smashed fans' dreams last weekend at D23 when he stated matter-of-factly that a Hulk standalone film is never happening. To be fair, it’s not like the previous ones were huge performers, so it’s probably better off. But while Bruce has at least had a few shots at his own movie, his cousin Jessica Walters, aka She-Hulk, has never made it past go. There were numerous false starts, like the time she was rumored to co-star in a Hulk made for TV  film in 1989 but never appeared. There was also a TV series "in the works" around that same time, but ABC officially declared that idea DOA in 1991. The closest the world ever got to a live-action She-Hulk film was in the 90s, and Brigitte Nielsen was set to star in the title role.

The only thing that remains of what could have been are a few promotional images of Brigitte dressed as She-Hulk. Some people may look at these images and think this is little more than a phoned in cosplay attempt. Those people are unimaginative idiots.

Brigitte is serving up such late 80s/early 90s new wave glam that we may not have been ready for more than these pics. I’m 90% sure the She-Hulk movie would have had its own training and/or makeover montage a la Rocky and Clueless and it would have been nothing short of amazing.


I don’t know if a script ever existed for this She-Hulk flick (in my head, I'm imagining She-Hulk is not only a member of the Avengers but starts her own synth-rock all-girl band and tours the world), but I do know that it will be hard for anyone to capture She-Hulk’s true essence the way only Brigitte could have.


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