Chosen One of the Day: Bruce and Lloyd from Get Smart

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Feb 15, 2018, 11:47 AM EST (Updated)

It takes a lot of work to be a super spy. There's the combat training, and the meticulous grooming, and all the visits to the tailor (what, you think bespoke suits grow on trees?). You have to learn to drive every vehicle in existence. Plus, you know that air of superiority isn't natural. It's carefully curated over years of learning to look down your nose at anyone who isn't you.

What do you think the certification process is for a license to kill?

But no super spy would be complete without his (or her) arsenal of gadgets or the underappreciated geniuses who invent them. Who is Bond without Q? Who, dare I say it, is Maxwell Smart without ... Bruce and Lloyd?


At least the agents at MI-6 seem to respect Q's abilities. Over at Control, Bruce and Lloyd are treated like nerds. Sure, they are nerds. Big ones. The biggest, really. I mean, these guys spend their days wearing nerdy t-shirts and building shoe phones and ultra-lightweight bulletproof armor and pens that are also tiny little nuclear bombs and ... okay, I'm not really helping my "Bruce and Lloyd aren't nerds" argument here, but damn they have like the best jobs in the entire world. All the toys, none of the life-endangering risk.

Except for those asshole agents who give you no respect. 

Then again ... they should really know better than to mess with nerds. Especially when they have the resources to invent a robotic super agent shaped like Patrick Warburton. 

Hymie could use a humor upgrade, though.


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