Chosen One of the Day: Buffybot

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Aug 24, 2018

We of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom may disagree on a lot. Be it the virtues of the sixth season, Spike versus Angel, or any other number of quibbles within our dear Buffyverse, we can come together on one unilaterally shared belief: Warren Mears was a real piece of sh*t and we're glad his ass got flayed.

In Season 5's "I Was Made to Love You," he builds himself a robot girlfriend to use as he wishes and dispose of when she becomes boring. Because he's evil toxic masculinity in human form, you know. Spike (because Spike also has more than his fair share of assh*lery) sees this and thinks, "YES PLEASE," so Warren builds him the Buffybot, a sex slave love robot designed solely to pleasure Spike.

Oh, but she is so much more.

Buffybot is strong, agile, and above all else POSITIVE. Look at her. LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS.


And her quip game is so strong.


And she is a good friend who asks important questions that matter most to her loved ones, like "Anya, how is your money?"


Buffybot was created by a man to service a man. But she rose above that to slay in all ways, from dusting vamps to appearing as Dawn's caregiver to loving a good knock-knock joke (and who doesn't?).

When the world was down a Buffy, we were lucky to have a spare. And she did her very best.

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