Chosen One of the Day: Burnham and Tilly's 'Disco' shirts on Discovery

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Dec 22, 2018, 10:14 AM EST (Updated)

While Star Trek: Discovery is still leaving fans divided during its midseason break, those of us firmly in the “love it” camp have begun the fandom process of poring over every interesting detail we can find of the show in order to obsessively incorporate it into our lives. My personal favorite one of these? The "Disco" T-shirts that Burnham and Tilly replicate in order to run laps around the ship.

It is such a subtle detail, but I love it so much. I’ve watched so much Star Trek in my life, and one of the things I adore about it is the camaraderie among the featured crew members. Discovery took its time getting to a place where that feeling exists on the ship, and honestly is still getting there. But these shirts just feel like they give the atmosphere of the show a uniquely lived-in, more realistic quality.

The Enterprise is always the Enterprise, Voyager always Voyager, and Deep Space Nine does occasionally get referred to as DS9, but that still feels very official and reverent. Which it should. This is essentially a military posting, after all, and we usually see these crew members on duty, so the idea that they’d typically maintain a uniform code of decorum isn’t outlandish.


But at the same time, these are still people living and working together 24/7 on a ship, and they do have off-duty downtime hours, they do unwind, and as much as it might be fun to imagine that everyone’s favorite way of relaxing is playing poker while still in uniform, it feels so much more realistic that someone, especially low-ranking crew members like Burnham and Tilly, would totally embrace a fun silly nickname for their ship. The familiarity in giving a workplace a nickname is so utterly relatable that it seems like one of the most “of course” moments on the show. Of course they’d make shirts, and of course they’d wear them together while they work out.

And of course, they’d choose those outfits over these.


Or these, which were definitely a prank on McFadden and Sirtis that accidentally made it into the show, right?


Or ... okay seriously this is just a pair of tights. Like the kind you used to be able to buy out of that bin at Target for $5.


This must be why the DS9 crew started just spending their downtime at Vic’s. 

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