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Chosen One of the Day: C-3P0, our whiny baby jerk angel

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Sep 4, 2019, 10:49 AM EDT (Updated)

On this week's Strong Female Characters, we got into a lengthy discussion about butts whether or not C-3PO is a total jerk (but also butts). And ultimately I've come to a true hot take of a conclusion: he is a jerk but that's what makes him the great and fancy golden baby that he is.

Threepio has spent thus far seven movies complaining. Anakin makes one comment about sand and we're all like, "Hey f*** that guy" but this dude just keeps getting a pass. We love him anyway. It is somehow actually part of why we  love him. I'm not certain why even. Is it the accent? It's probably the accent. 

He's of course the worst to R2, but R2 is a real sassmaster general who can take it and give it back times three, and probably spends a LOT of time wishing C-3PO would just get sent to the spice mines of Kessel already. The spice mines people would regret the decision instantly. IMAGINE THE COMPLAINING. THE SPICY, SPICY COMPLAINING.

But our heroes wouldn't be the same without their delicate golden boy. His nervousness and naysaying is necessary to the group because it only highlights everyone else's heroism. We all need a Threepio in our lives. And when he gets to be too much? Well, that's when we also need a Leia.


Credit: Lucasflm/Disney

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