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Chosen One of the Day: Captain America walking in Infinity War

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Mar 29, 2020, 2:51 AM EDT (Updated)

The themes of our Chosen Ones the Day of late have been escapism and joy, nostalgia, comfort, and today I’d like to add: mmmMMMmmm. In Infinity War (a movie that came out two years ago, can you believe it? What even is time?) Steve Rogers has a lot going for him. OK, mostly it’s the beard

Well, OK, also it’s the attitude. The scene where he finally enters from the shadow to immediately kick some alien ass might be cinematic perfection. 


Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

But it’s what happens after the fight that we can look to today. Steve Rogers walks. I mean. He walks. Look at him walk so well. He walks with purpose. He walks with style. His sleeves are rolled up onto his forearms, his hair is mussed just so, his beard is, well, you see it. His hips are moving and if his gaze is any indication, he’s got the D. Determination. 

Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

You’ll notice I’ve not yet mentioned the shoulders, they are definitely there. In front of our faces. Existing really well. 

Maybe it’s that this sequence is all of 1.9 seconds long, and nowadays drowning myself in a 1.9-second-long gif is an ideal way to go. But I like to think that it’s Steve Rogers and his “I clearly can get sh*t done” walk that’s giving us the real joie de vivre here. We salute you and your walk, Cap.

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