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Chosen One of the Day: Castlevania’s Trevor Belmont

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Nov 16, 2018

We here at FANGRRLS have an undeniable love of hot cartoons, and Trevor Belmont is definitely A Hot Cartoon. Like you wonder who the human model is because day-ummm.

With his roguish scar and Indiana Jones whip skills, he's a classic adventuring hero, but he's got a penchant for insults and one-liners that would do Sterling Archer proud. Also, he is voiced by Richard Armitage, which is the best part of Richard Armitage (don’t @ me), so Trevor is checking all the boxes. His devil-may-care attitude is not terribly suited to a vampire-human war, but it is perfect for disguising the vulnerability left by a tragic and lonely childhood, and his nonstop bitch-a-thon with Alucard is the fuel that feeds Castlevania.

No one gives less of a f*ck than Trevor, but that doesn’t stop him from saving the day, or from taking on a quest to defeat Dracula, even though his weary sighs pretty much say it all when it comes to what he thinks his odds are of winning. And anyone who calls Dracula’s son a “floating vampire Jesus” TO HIS FACE is worthy of a crush. Trevor Belmont is a highly quotable, insult-spewing, roguish, rakish, deadly hero, and for that, he is both a sassy bitch and an animated bae.

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