Chosen One Of The Day: Chained-Up Pet Zombie Ed from Shaun of the Dead

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Feb 20, 2018, 10:10 AM EST (Updated)

In 2004, writer/director Edgar Wright gave new life to the zombie genre with the biting horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead. In it, he used the "zed word" as a metaphor for falling into a lifeless rut. So its titular hero need not only to avoid the infected bites of the living dead, but also to escape the mancave that had him wasting his life away, drinking all night, and playing video games all day. But hey, there's not just one path to happiness, and adulthood is what we make of it. So how about some props for Shaun's best bud and pet zombie, Ed. 

In life, Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) were deeply devoted to each other. Shaun would defend Ed against the scornful recriminations of their uptight roommate. Ed would do his orangutan impression any time Shaun needed cheering up. Plus, he knew Shaun's preferred brew. 

Before the zombie apocalypse, these were friends to the end. Now, they're so much more. 

Admittedly, I'm still thinking it'd be wise to muzzle undead Ed. But overall, this shed situation is kind of the best case scenario for both.  Shaun gets to grow up, settle down with Liz and find a more societally acceptable form of routine (that whole job/marriage/kids gig). But he doesn't have to give up his best bud.

Shaun can pop by the shed for male bonding. And as for Ed, he never showed any interest in moving out of his routine or away from Shaun. Give him video games and some quality time with his beloved bestie, and he's all good. And now, no one's going to slag him off over not having a job or not writing down phone messages. 

Don't stop him now. He's having such a good time! (He's having a ball.) 

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