Chel Road to El Dorado

Chosen One of the Day: Chel from The Road to El Dorado

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Aug 30, 2018

There are a lot of qualities we admire in our animated princesses, Disney or otherwise. Braveness, loyalty, adventurousness, and compassion are a few of the key characteristics. Intelligence (Beauty and the Beast’s Belle or Tarzan’s Jane), determination (The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana), and natural leadership abilities (Atlantis: The Lost Empire’s Kida) also rank fairly high.

Chel, from DreamWorks Animation’s The Road to El Dorado, possesses a lot of those characteristics. She’s smart, she's loyal, she knows what she wants, and she doesn’t take any crap. Chel, however, also possesses a quality that’s not typically found in other animated heroines. That quality is extreme horniness.

What Chel wants, Chel gets. Sometimes that’s adventure outside the sequestered paradise that is her hometown of El Dorado—and if you think she’s going to let a few white chuckleheads wandering in and pretending to be gods throw a kink in that plan, you are damn wrong.

Sometimes, what Chel wants is the D. And she gets that, too.

And by the by, you can disregard that cheeky "Chel pleasing Tulio ;D" YouTube title, like Chel's no more than a passive sex object there to tickle Tulio's pickle. This is all part of her plan to get Tulio on her side. Chel likes the long game. And the llllong game. You know what I mean? I mean she has a healthy sexual appetite. I'm talking about genitalia. God, you people. 

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