Chosen One Of the Day: Chipette Eleanor Miller, circa The Chipmunk Adventure

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Apr 9, 2018, 10:45 AM EDT (Updated)

Sure, Britanny was the showy one, and  Jeanette was the smart one. But don't sleep on the stealthily most stylish of the Chipettes, Eleanor Miller, with her gender-bending neckwear and preppy appeal. Over the decades, this girl group has undergone some major makeovers, switching from hand-drawn animation to CGI to uncanny valley nightmare. But we're talking classic Eleanor, who paired her signature blond pigtails with knee socks, sweater vest, and a plucky, plump tie. Truly, she was the most fashionable kiddo-critter in the 1987 gem The Chipmunk Adventure. 


Fashion victim Brittany leaned too hard into '80s streetwear, going pretty in pink, then piling on brightly colored tights, and legwarmers, and a matching scarf. It's cute. But even Molly Ringwald would urge her to tone it down. Meanwhile, Jeanette made nerdy girls look blah under enormous glasses, a slouchy cowl-neck sweater, and the sloppiest socks in the history of animation. But our girl Eleanor? She was rocking a chic and sassy school girl look that would go onto inspire '90s fashion plate Cher Horowitz. 


But who was Eleanor's inspiration? We're guessing the precocious Chippette fell hard for Diane Keaton's defining sense of style, made famous in 1977's Annie Hall. Imagine Eleanor and Theodore, chomping on popcorn will debating the inherently problematic nature of Woody Allen movies.


While mainstream fashion has too long pushed full-figured girls to hide in dark shades or modest looks, Eleanor chose to stand out with a put together yet playful look that was body-positive and slyly upstaged by her attention-seeking sisters. 


Eleanor, you're picture perfect. 

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