Chosen One of the Day: Chuck Bartowski from 'Chuck'

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Sep 19, 2017, 6:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Almost 10 years ago, on Sept. 24, 2007, a show debuted to gift us with geeky goodness, laughter, a lot of heart, and a gorgeous blonde co-star. And so did The Big Bang Theory, whatever, but the show I'm talking about is NBC's Chuck.

Chuck was the delightful spy show we deserved, James Bond by way of The OC's Seth Cohen. Which made perfect sense, as the show was the follow-up from OC showrunner Josh Schwartz, along with Chris Fedak. 

The show gave us so much -- guns, kung fu, the corporate culture of big box department stores, and a few more years to adore Adam Baldwin before we discovered his Twitter account.

But above all else, it gave us, le sigh, Chuck.

Chuck Bartowski, our everyman hero, portrayed everymanly by Zachary Levi. For five seasons, he made a short-sleeved button-down look especially sexy, and a pocketful of pens downright dangerous. I mean, is he even wearing a pocket protector? MY MAN LIVES ON THE EDGE.


When Chuck downloads the Intersect, a software that turns him into a lethal super spy, into his brain, he goes from geeky normal to deadly master of spyness. He wears tuxes sometimes. 

As with any show when it realizes its nerdy lead is hot underneath the glasses, ponytail and paint-covered overalls, Chuck eventually leaned into Levi's Christopher Reeve-esque goodness, trading in his graphic Ts for fitted gunshow display cases. We were fine with this.


But our favorite Chuck will always be early-season Nerd Herd came-with-the-job-clip-on-tie Chuck. And we were very lucky to have him.


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