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Chosen One of the Day: Clark Kent’s primary color wardrobe on Smallville

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Mar 24, 2018, 10:13 AM EDT

One of the keys to success, so some believe, is ditching the style for what’s essentially a self-imposed uniform. You free up the headspace you’d otherwise be using to dress yourself every morning and instead use it to do amazing things. It worked for Steve Jobs.

You know who else it apparently worked for? Clark Kent. 

I’m not talking about his eventual self-imposed uniform. You know, the one with the giant S on his chest and the underwear on the outside. I’m talking about the one he apparently started to wear at least as early as high school. You know the one. The combination of blue or red shirt coupled with the opposite color jacket. The same outfit he wore every single day for 8 years. Even when he decided to change things up and rock a flannel, it was red and blue.



Maybe Clark got inspired by Apple’s CEO years before any of us would discover his secrets. Or maybe he just couldn’t be bothered to figure out some other clothes to wear. Or maybe he was actually trying out his iconic costume long before adopting the Superman moniker.

Or maybe he was just lazy.

He’s just lucky he can rock those colors, really, and that he has the world’s most unobservant friends. Primary colors are pretty noticeable, even if the person saving you is moving so fast you can barely see them. Maybe that’s why he decided to go all mall goth in Season 9 and start dressing like every guy I had a crush on in high school.

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