Chosen One of the Day: Dana Scully's very sensible pants

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May 10, 2018, 11:45 AM EDT (Updated)

Dana Scully is a practical woman. Nowhere is this clearer than in her style of dress, most notably in her pants choices.

As in the choices of pants she wears. (She's made some "in her pants" choices we cannot necessarily condone. But the pants themselves? WE'RE INTO IT.) Because her pants? These are some sensible pants. No, not merely sensible pants. These are Sensible Slacks.


Cliff DeYoung, you are a fine actor but I'm frankly not sure you or anyone deserves to share the screen with these Sensible Slacks.

On the current iteration of The X-Files, Scully wears a lot of Fashionable Pencil Skirts. Sometimes she wears pants but they are less sensible Pants That Fit Well. They are Boring. We prefer her '90s sartorial selection of Sensible Slacks for a Sensible Woman doing Sensible Work. 

I mean, look at them. They downright billow.


I can feel the breeze just looking at them. These pants were a GIFT. The only pants for investigating the X-Files. Because supernatural phenomena require sensible pants.

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