Chosen One Of The Day: Dana’s shimmery red Zuul dress from Ghostbusters

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Mar 5, 2018, 5:49 PM EST (Updated)

Before coming in contact with the fridge-haunting demon Zuul, Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) was a successful cellist with a friendly demeanor and a cute paranormal investigator on a string. But her fashion sense was a bit banal. 

Girl, don't be mad!

The clunky coats, oversized tops, and lackluster leggings did nothing for Weaver's statuesque figure. She is a goddess and deserves to dress like one!

Thankfully, Zuul crashed into Dana's life, like a supernatural make-over show. Sweeping her off her feet, Zuul pulled her into the light of thrilling fashion (and bodily possession, if you want to get technical). 

The results were dramatic and drop-dead gorgeous. 

Now, Dana was serving LOOK. She was feeling herself in a drapey red dress, underlaid with a gold satin that gave it a fiery shimmer. She was 360 degrees of fierce and fabulous, giving a supermodel spin like the world had never seen before. 

Like her loungewear, it's comfortable, not constraining. But unlike it, this shimmery red dress looks outstanding, whether you're searching for the Key Master, conquering the world, or just chilling at home, enjoying the view. 

This off-the-shoulder outfit capitalized on Weaver's strength and femininity. The cut made her every movement one of DRAMA, while allowing her lithe, long legs to strike like matches, sparking our attention. The fabric flows and clings just so, serving as a temptation and warning about dangerous curves ahead.

For some, she was a sexual fantasy of carnal lust and exhibitionism. For others, a power fantasy that banished the boxy-shouldered pantsuits back to the patriarchal pit whence they came. She was a vision. She was divine. She was no longer Dana, but something new, feminine, and wild. She was Zuul! 


Admittedly, possession is a pretty high price to pay for looking this damn good. And yet ...

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