Chosen One of the Day: Dani, the younger sister from Hocus Pocus

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Mar 26, 2021, 8:00 AM EDT (Updated)

It's October, which means it's time to rewatch your favorite "scary" movies from childhood starring young humans trying to overcome terrible odds on Halloween night. Enter: Hocus Pocus!

There’s nothing quite as insufferable as an unhappy teenage boy and Hocus Pocus almost hits our tolerance level in the first five minutes of meeting Max Dennison. This bro strolled into Salem on Halloween making the bold verbal statement that witches aren't real in addition to his very bold fashion statement.


Bless 1990s fashion and teenage boys with too much self-confidence, amirite?

Luckily, Max's younger sister Dani (played by Thora Birch) quickly enters the scene via closet to knock him down a few pegs--begging him to take her trick-or-treating while he tries desperately to nail every teenage cliche possible including classics like loud sighs, angrily playing drums, and sulking on a staircase.

By the time they actually get to the trick-or-treating, Dani ups her little sister game ten-fold. After all, what are little sisters for if not picking a fight with bullies, embarrassing you in front of your crush, and loudly proclaiming the status of your virginity about 27 times over the course of one night. Oh, and pointing out your terrible life decisions.

Whether she's trying to prevent the whole witch-awakening from happening, bringing home a talking cat who is actually a 300-year-old teen boy, or being brave enough to directly challenge (and insult) the witchy trio, Dani proves she’s actually the most valuable Dennison sibling. How else would Allison know exactly how Max feels about her breasts?

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