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Chosen One of the Day: Dark's anti-umbrella contingent

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Jan 10, 2018

It's raining in Los Angeles, which usually gets me down, but this week I'm pumped because I got the opportunity to re-enact some of my favorite scenes from Dark. In case you haven't been recommended this show by Netflix, Dark is a German sci-fi series which is exceedingly creepy. It could most easily be compared to Stranger Things (because there are children and they go missing), but overall Winden is much more dramatic than Hawkins. Plus, there's no dancing David Harbour, which is a Hawkins staple.

But Dark does have something Stranger Things is sorely missing -- a strong anti-umbrella stance. Now hear me out. It's not officially canon, but anyone who has watched Dark will agree that clearly some anti-umbrella forces are at work, because basically every single character walks through pouring rain on a daily basis. 

Apparently, in Germany it rains.




"Dark" (Image courtesy Netflix)

And not a single character is fazed by this. Nor do any of them carry umbrellas. Even though it rains EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


"Dark" (Image courtesy Netflix)

Maybe I've lived in Southern California too long, but isn't this how people get sick?


"Dark" (Image courtesy of Netflix)

Seriously, it rains in at least 80% of the episodes, and in every instance, whether adult, child, angsty teen, or adult acting like an angsty teen, someone can be found traipsing through the rain without an umbrella looking like a hot mess.


"Dark" (Image courtesy Netflix)

Some even go OUT OF THEIR WAY to walk in the rain. You know that inside the car there is no rain, right?!


"Dark" (Image courtesy of Netflix)

There are a couple guys in town who decided they were sick of their hair always being wet and chose to wear rain jackets -- but they really only serve to make them look creepier.


"Dark" (Image courtesy Netflix)

But wait, maybe walking in the rain is safer than driving. And she looks like a hot mess but also just kinda ... hot? And there are some activities conducive to doing in the rain without an umbrella ;-) ...


"Dark" (Image courtesy of Netflix)

Safety. Hotness. Kissing. What great counter-arguments. I am now #TeamRain. I can admit when I'm wrong. But there are those who would try to convince us to stay dry, and this schoolteacher is the leader of the resistance.


"Dark" (Image courtesy Netflix)

So as we await the second season of Dark, just say no to umbrellas. Go frolic in the rain. Wander aimlessly. Kiss someone. Because who knows which way this climate change mess will send us. Turns out Winden had it right all along.

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