Chosen One of the Day: Derek from The Good Place

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May 24, 2018, 10:43 AM EDT (Updated)

In an effort to get over Jason Mendoza, The Good Place's Janet (D'Arcy Carden) created herself a new boyfriend: Derek.


Derek (played by Jason Mantzoukas, more like BAE-son Mantzoukas because, yes, I am into it) is a simple soul, clad in a jumpsuit with a wind chime where his ding dong should be. And while we have a lot of questions about the mechanics of that, like, I feel like we'd be fine spending at least an afternoon figuring out logistics. Because, honestly, he's kind of the perfect boyfriend. He's passionate, enthusiastic, and he can blink out of existence entirely when you're ready for him to go away. Like, that's the dream. 

While ultimately their love did not last, we're happy Derek lust? wind chime times? with Mindy St. Clair, the Medium Place coke-fiend with a penchant for shoulder pads and the exact level of gumption needed to figure out that nether sitch. Because we're lucky to have had Derek at all. The perfect rebound.

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