Chosen One of the Day: Dr. Dick Solomon from 3rd Rock from the Sun

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Jan 12, 2018, 4:46 PM EST (Updated)

From 1996 until 2001, NBC had a family sitcom about aliens, where Joseph Gordon-Levitt played a respected elder trapped in the body of a teenage boy and had a very long ponytail because the '90s were a very special time to be alive. 3rd Rock from the Sun followed four aliens as they live in an Ohio suburb as a human family studying Earth, and starred the aforementioned tiny baby JGL, French Stewart, and Kristen Johnson. But the real hero and father figure of the series was Dr. Dick Solomon, professor of physics and high commander and fearless leader of the mission, portrayed by John Lithgow. 

And Dr. Dick Solomon? He, my friends, was a true hero.


His confidence was unmatched.


He had a practical view on body positivity.


And the show allowed the character and the inimitable Lithgow to chew every bit of scenery that entered his view. 


Also, did you know most of the show's episode titles involve the word "Dick"? Look at these. LOOK AT THEM I SAID.


We treasure our memories of the good doctor, and if NBC is still handing out reboots, we would be very fine with The Continuing Adventures of Dr. Dick.

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