Chosen One of the Day: Ducky from The Land Before Time

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Jan 4, 2018, 11:17 AM EST

Do you want to feel very old? The Land Before Time, a formative film about little baby dinosaurs on a thrilling and dangerous adventure that sometimes causes uncontrollable sobbing is turning 30 later this year. Are you having a crisis now? You're welcome.

To staunch the onslaught of your impending existential crisis, allow me to remind you of the greatest character in the entire film. No, not Littlefoot, with his budding leadership abilities. Not even Cera, the headstrong Triceratops, who can totally take on the Sharp Tooth all by herself thank you very much even though it's scary and deadly and OH MY GOD IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

No, I'm talking about Ducky.

Ducky is everyone's best friend. She's like the peppy little cheerleading squad you wish you had hanging around all the time. Ducky loves everyone. When Petrie reveals he cannot fly, Ducky is the one who cheers him on, finally getting him to spread his wings and glide through their prehistoric wasteland.

She helps Littlefoot protect his all-important Tree Star from those who would destroy or consume it, even though she's very very tiny.

Oh, and what about Spike? When the baby dino hatches all on his own, Ducky is the first to encounter him and immediately adopts him as her brother. Ducky doesn't care what you look like or act like or even if you kind of hate her. She loves you. Sometimes to a suffocating degree.

Plus, she's just SO CUTE.

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