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Chosen One of the Day: Elizabeth Bathory in Daughters of Darkness

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Aug 20, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

We love a lesbian vampire. And famed vampiress Countess Elizabeth Bathory, as played by Delphine Seyrig in 1971’s Daughters of Darkness, is one of the best. Eternally poised and wielding her smoky, somnolent voice like a velvet-covered razor blade, she’s determined to tempt newlywed Valerie (Danielle Ouimet) away from her husband Stefan (John Karlen) after the trio—plus Elizabeth’s “secretary,” a lissome Ilona (Andrea Rau)—all end up at the same deserted seaside resort. Stefan is an asshole and a boor and doesn’t look nearly as good as Elizabeth does in finger waves and a sparkly black cape. He never stood a chance.

daughters of darkness cape 2

Bye, Stefan. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory exhibits the two traits essential for your cinematic lesbian vampire to possess. One: a hatred, or at least an active disdain, for men. Check. “Stefan loves me, whatever you may think!” Valerie protests at one point, put off by Elizabeth’s attempts to swoop in and tempt her away with her lesbian vampire magic. “Stefan loves you, whatever you may think,” parrots Elizabeth. “Of course he does! That’s why he dreams of making out of you what every man dreams of making out of every woman: a slave. A thing. An object of pleasure.” Men are sh*t! Tell ‘er!

Of course, Elizabeth also wants to make Valerie into her slave, but between Valerie’s potential masters there is one crucial difference. That brings us to the lesbian vampire of cinema’s second key characteristic: an unparalleled fashion sense.

daughters of darkness robe

Could Stefan, Mr. Turtlenecks and a Bowl Cut, Mr. Monkees Castoff, ever? No. He could not. 

daughters of darkness red dress

“I am a man, and she is mine,” snarls Stefan late in the film. “Was she yours last night? Would she be yours if you let go of her now?" is Elizabeth's cutting response. "Also, your taste in outerwear is garbage."


"Let the dead bury the dead. Also, Stefan, someone should really bury those sunglasses."

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