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Chosen One of the Day: Emilia Clarke’s expressive eyebrows

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Mar 15, 2019, 10:32 AM EDT

The final season of Game of Thrones is almost upon us which means, for the next few months, Emilia Clarke is going to be all anyone’s talking about.

Well, to be fair, we’ll also be theorizing about which characters are going to die when, the Night King’s ultimate plans, if Cersei’s liver will give out, and whether or not Jon Snow is going to sit on the Iron Throne. But really, the most important part of this show is Clarke’s Targaryen queen Daenerys and her damn dragons. She’s down to two and things aren’t lookin great.

But back to Clarke herself. The actress has been putting in work, on both the small screen and in big-budget blockbusters like last year’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. She’s a talented thespian with envious range and impressive scene-stealing capability but Clarke’s got a secret weapon in her acting tool kit and it’s time we acknowledge it. Or, rather, them.

We’re talking about her eyebrows, people. 

Those bushy, perfect coiffed caterpillars often have a mind of their own. They rise in astonishment, they cave in disappointment, they hold an entire collection of emotions within their silky soft follicles. And you bet your ass Clarke knows how to use them.

The actress’ facial expressions are nearly as notable as her ability to birth dragons and rule kingdoms.

Entire sonnets should be written to her eyebrows.

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They can wrap around our necks and choke us whenever they damn please.

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Did eyebrows even exist before Emilia Clarke? We can’t be sure.

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In short, the fact that Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows haven’t won a damn Emmy yet is a travesty, a blight upon the land.

Thank you for coming to this TED Talk.

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