Chosen One of the Day: Falkor from The NeverEnding Story

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Mar 25, 2021, 7:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Watching The NeverEnding Story was practically a rite of passage for ‘80s kids. Also, we had like 10 cable channels and this movie seemed to always be on one of them, so you do the math. It’s one of those kids films that you don’t realize is a bit too dark and a lot too emotionally scarring to be a kids movie. But despite the absolutely devastating moments, like the gut-wrenching scene when Artax dies in the Swamps of Sadness, The NeverEnding Story did have some bright spots.

For one, Atreyu looked like a mini Keanu Reeves, which is never a bad thing.


Second, it had Falkor. To this day, I’m fairly positive every '80s kid still secretly wishes they could ride their own luck dragon through the city streets and bowl over bullies and, mostly, avoid traffic. Both of those would be worth the cost of feeding him and picking up his luck dragon poop. Actually, he probably just eats horrible people and his poop is made of magic, so you could just sell it on Etsy or the Black Market. Be a hero with a luck dragon AND an entrepreneur. 

Falkor may have been a dragon, but he looked like a dog, because we all know dogs are forever the greatest creatures on the planet. He appeared in all three Neverending Story films, but apparently got progressively worse in each one, be it in his design or his overall attitude. I’m not going to pretend I saw or have any desire to see either of those two movies, but if I have to keep reliving the same depressing scenario of The Nothing destroying my universe, I’d be pretty over sh*t by round 3 too, so I kinda can’t blame him. I’m also pretty shocked Hollywood hasn’t tried to remake this children’s nightmare classic. It’s really only a matter of time before Jon Favreau announces a live action version.

Since the 80s are forever the best decade because it was loaded with kids acting a fool because parental supervision was a joke at best, here’s Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle while riding Falkor. Come to think of it, this gif is the real Chosen One of the Day.

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