Chosen One of Valentine's Day: Princess Aura from Flash Gordon

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May 2, 2017, 11:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Today is Valentine's Day and I don't know about you, but when I think about love I think about the one and only Princess Aura from Flash Gordon.

It may seem like Flash Gordon is all about Flash playing the hero and rescuing his Becky of a girlfriend Dale, but anyone who's really paying attention knows Princess Aura is the real hero and the person she's rescuing is her damn self.

First, she is glamour to the max. I defy you anyone that can rock hot pink eyeshadow and gold headpieces the way Aura can. Second, she's an underappreciated feminist icon and it's high time people give her her due.

If you were to look up "Daddy Issues" in the dictionary, you'll see Princess Aura's picture. She spends the whole movie flirting with every guy she has slept with or plans to sleep with, all of which make so secret of their disdain for her father, Ming the Merciless. And it's clear Aura isn't about to buy Ming a "World's Best Dad" mug any time soon as she covertly works behind his back to help Flash and Prince Barin defeat him.

On the surface it may seem like Aura is some spoiled princess that thinks she can have whatever she wants, including every man in the universe. But Aura is really looking for love and affection in whatever form she can find it. And maybe, just maybe, she likes to get it on, so let a girl live. Sure, she originally tries to seduce Flash, but he's a professional NFL player (I know, I was laughing when I typed this because come on, he plays for the Jets.) and what girl hasn't tried to bone a professional athlete just to see if she can?

I'm just saying considering the extenuating circumstances, Aura could have turned out a thousand times worse. Her father is clearly lacking in every category one needs to be any type of acceptable parent, and her mother is nonexistent. Plus living in a castle with creepy Klytus always scheming and skulking around can't be enjoyable on any level. The fact that pretty much every version of Aura has her not following in his murdery, evil dictator footsteps proves that she has a decent moral compass, and odds are she didn't get it from Ming's side of the family. 

Eventually Aura ends up becoming friends with Flash and Dale and helping them escape. And she ends up with her own space Robin Hood, Prince Barin, who I think we all can agree young Timothy Dalton is WAY more fuego than Sam Jones.

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