Chosen One of the Day: Flirty bisexual William Shakespeare from Doctor Who

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Apr 23, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

Can you believe that our boy Billy Shakes is 454 years old today? Depicted in every medium from film to television to LFO songs, William Shakespeare remains more relevant today than most every piece of media that bears mention of his name.


Case in point. 

But, today, we're celebrating one of our favorite Shakespeare takes(peares) to hit our screens, and that's that horny bisexual Shakespeare from the Doctor Who episode "The Shakespeare Code." While other Wills have been heavy on the romance, this Will was down to clown. He was pure swagger with a dash of douche, but the kind of swaggy douche that, like, come on. You would. We all would. 

Plus, he appreciated Martha, making him literally the only person appreciating Martha on the entire damn show. That alone would be worth it.

But Doctor Who Shakespeare gave us double the pleasure, double the fun, double the genders for him to, as he says in "Venus and Adonis," stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie. There's also some innuendo to be made involving "bigger on the inside," but I'm trying to keep it classy around here on the man's birthday, come on, be cool FOR ONCE.

Happy birthday, Will. And of course, EXPELLIARMUS!

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