Chosen One of the Day: Gale Weathers from the Scream franchise

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Oct 27, 2017, 10:06 AM EDT

Gale Weathers is a boss b*tch.


Most fans of the Scream franchise probably think of it first and foremost as belonging to Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), but there's one intrepid reporter who has been embedded in the Woodsboro murders since she first wrote the book on them -- and that's Gale (Courteney Cox).

The first movie tries to pit her and Sydney against each other (and okay, okay, it's not great that she exploited the murder of Sydney's mom for book sales), but later installments see them becoming more like allies and eventually friends by Scream 4

What's great about Gale isn't just limited to her take-no-prisoners attitude, or her fearless reporting technique (she really doesn't have any ethics when it comes to journalism, tbh). No, it's also her hairstyle evolution -- which could honestly be its own storyline altogether:


(Her Scream 2 hair is my personal favorite, but that Scream 3 hair is oof. It's just unfortunate.)

If TPTB ever decide to make a Scream 5 (which, take all my money right now), they better remember that no Scream movie is complete without Gale Weathers-Riley. (Tarnished brand, my ass.)

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