Chosen One of the Day: GLaDOS from Portal

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Jun 4, 2018

There are some villains you hate to love and some you love to hate. And then there are those that you just love because honestly, they have a point. GLaDOS, the resident AI from Aperture Industries, as depicted in the Portal series of video games, is probably at the top of that last list.

GLaDOS is the id of any woman fed up with the way she has been treated. She is that little voice in the back of our minds who thinks maybe the solution to our problems is to just kill everyone and start over.

GLaDOS is creative in her destruction too. You want to torment her as part of your scientific experiments? Fine. She’s gonna release a whole bunch of neurotoxin on your asses and then, if there is anyone left over, she’ll just drag them through a fruitless series of missions to “save” people she’s already murdered, all while taunting them with fictitious cake (and her passive-aggressive anthem "Still Alive," as penned by FANGRRLS fave Jonathan Coulton).

The cake is a lie. The pain is not. You’ll probably think twice before you yell at Siri again, won’t you?

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