Chosen One of the Day: Gotham's own Gossip Gerty

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Feb 8, 2018, 10:00 AM EST

As a child knowing I wanted to be a writer, I had no shortage of onscreen journalistic heroes to hope I might one day emulate. Lois Lane, April O'Neil—hell, even Gale Weathers—there was a host of intrepid reporters out to get the scoop at any cost. 

But as I started my career and leaned deeply into my passion for scandal, drama, and the showy spectacle of the entertainment landscape, I realized one true icon had risen to the top like cream in what is assuredly a very boozy latte: Gossip Gerty.


Gossip Gerty was Gotham's top gossip columnist, a job that allowed her to wear fabulous eyewear and fangirl over heroes and villains alike (my literal job!), fawning over them and immediately losing interest in favor of the next big thing (the entire internet's literal job!). Played by Elizabeth Sanders, widow of Batman creator Bob Kane, Gerty appeared in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, ostensibly out to disperse that hot goss but in actuality covering events like major breakthroughs and innovations in Gotham's scientific community. She has layers and an array of interests! SHE'S NOT JUST A PAID GOSSIP, SHE'S A REAL WRITER, MOM! *clears throat* Sorry. Got away from myself there.


And above and beyond doing her job—and a bang-up job of it, too—in Batman and Robin she manages to be our only tether to reality in a scene that involves problematic-at-best usage of the only people of color in the movie (providing native dance as entertainment at a gala for the rainforest, as well as being auctioned off to rich men because YIKES) and a gorilla costume striptease. No, but really, Uma Thurman does a striptease in a very large gorilla costume. It's a weird movie. 


She's got style, she's got grace, and she's the brightest thing about the Joel Schumacher flicks this side of neon. Gossip Gerty: ICON. 

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