Chosen One of the Day: Grandma Aggie from Halloweentown

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 AM EDT (Updated)

We're closing in on the greatest day of the year -- Halloween -- which means 'tis the season to revisit all of your favorite movies just in time for the holiday. For some people that means 31 days of horror movies, but for at least a small, very specifically-aged segment of the population it means taking a trip to Halloweentown to visit the greatest grandma in the world: Splendora Agatha Cromwell.

Grandma Aggie.

Grandma Aggie is hands down the best character in Halloweentown (both the series of movies and the fictional location). She gives the best advice and words of wisdom.

And she gave me my own personal motto.

The movies agree that she's basically the best grandma in the entire universe, but could you imagine what it's like to grow up with a super powerful (and also super awesome) witch as a grandma? Her cookies are probably supernaturally amazing (and I bet they are always warm no matter how long they've been sitting around). Instead of teaching you to drive when you turned 16, she would teach you how to fly a broom. She could teach you how to turn your exes into various gross or embarrassing animals.

Plus she probably has a hangover cure that's literally magic. Not to mention some excellent cocktails to require its use.


Wait … wrong movie.

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