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Chosen One of the Day: Grown-Up Bill’s ponytail from IT

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Jul 17, 2018, 11:28 AM EDT (Updated)

We’re in a bit of a Stephen King renaissance at the moment. IT made a ton of money last year, while Netflix adaptations of 1922 and especially Gerald’s Game earned general critical praise. Castle Rock, set in a town that’s home to an amalgamation of King stories, debuts on Hulu later this month. Adaptations of Pet Sematary, The Tommyknockers, Doctor Sleep, and more are upcoming. Dark Tower... well, Dark Tower happened, let’s just say that.

With so many of King’s works getting an injection of new cinematic blood over the next few years, it’s a perfect time to look back at the King that's come before. The good. The bad. The really bad. And by that, I’m talking about adult Bill Denbrough’s ponytail.

1990’s IT  is remembered most for Tim Curry’s iconic portrayal of Pennywise the killer clown (and, around here at least, the judgy decapitated head of Vada Sultanfuss' uncle), but equally horrifying is the limp dead ferret that sits atop the head and slithering down the neck of the leader of the Losers' Club in his adult incarnation. You have a blatant Stephen King stand-in character (Denbrough writes horror novels), and this is what you do to him?

The hair and makeup department had a grudge. That’s the only way you end up with a low ponytail with side-swept bangs. It's bad, but in a way that's missing the majesty of the Dracula ass-bun head

My concern now is that James McAvoy is playing adult Bill in It: Chapter 2, coming out next year. What kind-of-appropriate-for-the-time-yet-still-hideous haircut are they going to give him? The Hitler Youth undercut? White boy dreads? Oh, god… a man bun?

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