Chosen One of the Day: Gypsy from Mystery Science Theater 3000

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Mar 26, 2021, 8:00 AM EDT (Updated)

In the not-too-distant future, somewhere in time and space, there was a dude, two dude robots, and a lady robot voiced by a dude.

Gypsy was the sole female character on Mystery Science Theater 3000 for its first six seasons, until Mary Jo Pehl's Pearl Forrester came on in Season 7. As such, she was the only kinda-sorta-real female representation onscreen within the show's host segments on the Satellite of Love and in Deep 13.

Thoughout the show's run on Comedy Central and later what was then known as the Sci-Fi Channel (now SYFY), Gypsy was voiced by two men -- first executive producer Jim Mallon, and later Patrick Brantseg, the show's art director. It wasn't until the Netflix reboot that the character would be voiced by a woman: Rebecca Hanson.

To make matters worse, in the early days of the show, Gypsy was pretty slow-witted. According to creator Joel Hodgson, that was initially because Gypsy was in charge of the higher functions of the ship, so her significant brainpower was being utlized in that realm and not for interpersonal -- or inter-robottal -- communications. 

This criticism, which the creators and writers have echoed over the years, comes from a place of love for my absolute favorite television show of all time. Over the course of the show, they tried to do better. Gypsy got more intelligent and got a bit more to do.

In fact Gypsy was ultimately the one who saved Joel Robinson's life (or believed she did, due to a misunderstanding) by freeing him from the Satellite of Love and an eternity watching terrible movies, and opening the door for Mike Nelson to take over as host. 

So thank you, Gypsy. You'll always be at least 2.7 times a lady as far as we're concerned.

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