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Chosen One of The Day: Hammer item from the Super Smash Bros. franchise

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Jan 21, 2019, 10:53 AM EST

As the Super Smash Bros. franchise has grown over the last couple of decades, the amount of playable characters has quadrupled, along with items available during matches. The chaos has definitely been turned up especially with items like the beetle, an item capable of ending a match in seconds by sending a player out play. A real game changer. Before the beetle, there was the hammer. One of the original items that could make or break a match, an OG of melee items, the Knuck if Ya Buck of hammers.


Nintendo Wire

The hammer item in Super Smash Bros. made its original debut in the arcade Donkey Kong game in 1981. Once a player gets hold of it, they run across the screen like they caught the Holy Spirit swinging it back and forth. It's the same exact way Mario used the hammer in the Donkey Kong game but maybe he was on shrooms. It's an extremely powerful weapon. The music that plays while it's in use makes for an excellent butt-kicking music or butt-shaking music, depending. It'd be nice if, after the mallet fell off the handle, the player threw their ass in a circle to the beat of the music.

The hammer item has assisted in ruining a number of friendships and putting siblings and cousins at odds for a couple of decades. So while it may not be as huge of a game changer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for players of the very first Super Smash Bros., it’s a reminder of one of our most crucial early life lessons: Get to the hammer first!

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