Chosen One of the Day: hard-boiled eggs

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Mar 20, 2018, 4:52 PM EDT (Updated)

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy addition to your regular diet, consider the ease of hard-boiled eggs. These tiny, low-calorie, high-protein snacks are just the thing for a go-getting gal such as yourself.

They’re easy to make! All you need are a stove, a pot, and some water. Drop those eggs in the water, set a timer, and you’re free to go about your getting-ready activities, like bathing or other forms of self-care. And when you’re finished, you have a convenient and tasty treat just ready to refill your energy. Or toss them in a bag to take with you as you leave. They’re the perfect addition to sneak onto a salad to shake things up a bit, or sneak into a high-security water chamber, should you need to.


Did you know that a major vitamin found in eggs is vitamin A? It’s true. Indulging in a hard-boiled egg gives you around 75 micrograms of vitamin A. This helps boost protein that absorbs light in your retinas and also lessens your risk of night blindness. A useful diet supplement for anyone who finds themselves engaged in a variety of nocturnal activities like riding buses, sweeping floors, cleaning up unexplained and highly classified blood spatters, and even avoiding eye contact with your weird new boss as he freely urinates in front of you, hands on his hips in a strange power move.

A single hard-boiled egg gives you more than 6 grams of your daily recommended 50 to 175 grams of protein, which means these dandy little snacks can help you build muscle mass. If you’re involved in any sort of strenuous activity such as pushing around an extra-heavy laundry cart, these babies could give you just the oomph you need. Plus that extra protein also helps to repair damaged tissue in your body, which may come in handy if you’ve been bouncing around in a van while it’s being shot at and may have a few bruises to heal, or if you’ve been regularly shocked by a cattle prod for some reason.

Hard-boiled eggs don’t stop there, no by golly they don’t. They also provide vitamin D, which helps you absorb and regulate calcium needed to give your skeleton strength and structure. The daily recommended amount of vitamin D is about 600 units a day, and you’ll get 45 of those from just one single hard-boiled egg. Everyone knows that strong bones are important, so you can keep yourself sturdy in case you need to do something strenuous like mount a fish. Repeatedly. Like if you just know you’re going to spend a heck of a lot of time mounting that fish you caught and know you need some bone density to stand up for all that time and bear some of that weight.

Most importantly, you can easily toss some extras into your pot and have a fun and scrumptious treat to share with a new friend or coworker. Just think of all the brownie points you’ll get with your new chum when you gleefully hand them their very own hard-boiled egg and let them know you like them!



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