Chosen One of the Day: Harriet Jones, Prime Minister

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Dec 11, 2017

Every Doctor Who fan has *their* Doctor. Perhaps yours is Tom Baker or Peter Davison. Maybe yours is Christopher Eccleston or Matt Smith. Mine, like many others, is David Tennant. He could be cold or cruel or funny or kind, all in a matter of moments. And, you know ...


Despite my unyielding adoration of the Tenth Doctor, however, I have lots of issues with Russell T Davies and many, MANY of the choices he made in his tenure as showrunner. But my biggest problem, one that he dared include in David Tennant's inaugural outing as the Doctor, is Harriet Jones, prime minister.


Harriet Jones was a competent public official who only cared about helping her constituents, including her ailing mother. She won in a landslide, and according to Jackie Tyler, people even had more money in their pockets thanks to her. 

But then she called Torchwood on the Sycorax. And the Doctor was displeased. And that's when the Doctor, my Doctor, decided to take her down.

And how did he do that? In the most rage-inducing misogynist bulls*it way possible.


I BEG YOUR SEXY PARDON? He destroyed a woman's entire career -- something she was doing a great job at -- by calling people to question her abilities based on her appearance? What the Hillary-Clinton-fainting-at-the-9/11-memorial eff is this nonsense? 

And, despite this, she saves his beautiful and perfectly coiffured life! She sacrifices herself to the Daleks and he gets to split in two and one of the hims gets to go bang Rose for the rest of his life (my second biggest issue with RTD).

Perhaps some might think I'm reading too much into this. But capable women being taken out of the picture because they did something a man didn't approve of, weaponizing her physical appearance against her to call her fitness to lead into question? Excuse me for not having any interest in that this year or ever. 

Harriet Jones deserved better. And Martha Jones deserved better. In fact, if your surname is Jones and you ever appear on Doctor Who as a skilled, successful woman, let's just assume you deserve better.

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